Frame by Frame Animation IN VR

ANIMVR™ enables users to draw & animate in VR, providing a set of tools based on concepts used in traditional animation: like frames, onionskin, multiple timelines etc.

COMING SOON To Vive & Rift..

ANIMVR™ is currently in closed beta, and will be released on STEAM, Viveport, WEARVR, and the Oculus Store in early 2017.

For more info. Just get in touch, or catch us on twitter.

We're beta testing.
Get in touch if you wanna get involved, or head over to the forum.


Mesh Import

You can import a wide variety of static mesh file formats (.fbx, .obj, .blend, etc.) and place them in your stage. This allows you to sketch out animatics directly into your digital set. Support for animated meshes is coming soon!

Alembic Cache Export

You are able to export your animation as an Alembic Cache file (.abc) which is supported by most 3D production tools. We have tested it with Maya, Blender and Houdini and it works great!

Sketchfab Integration

We worked with the great people at Sketchfab to enable you to upload your animations directly from the app.
Here are some examples:


ANIMVR Unity3d Toolkit: 
"Create things in ANIMVR, and use them in your games" :D

coming very soon... contact us for an early version.