Hand Drawn animation is at the heart of AnimVR. It's an incredible intuitive way of creating 3D content that gives you the level of control so far reserved for traditional animation, but with the ease of use and convenience of digital tools.


Storyboards, But in 3D

AnimVR allows you to draw your storyboards in 3D. That means you can freely move cameras without redrawing a single stroke!

Then you can go on and use these "storyboards" in your animatics, bounce cameras and drawings back into your 3D package, and integrate other pre-production assets while iteratingt towards final shots, all in the same context.

Say Goodbye To Rigging

We provide you with great deformation tools that let you animate characters and environments without rigging or skinning.

Easily stay on model when you need to and use the complete freedom offered by hand-drawn animation whenever you want!

Telling Stories

Telling Stories

We want to enable you to create full length stories in VR. To that end AnimVR contains all the features you need. 


Powerful Timeline

The AnimVR timeline lets you arrange layers in time, group them into shots, trim and blend between them, all directly in VR!

Create all your shots in the same stage or reference stages into a master edit scene.


Camera and Sound Recording

Natural camera moves are particularly tedious to achieve in a common workflow. In AnimVR you can record handheld, steady-cams, making a cinematographer's life much easier! After recording you can edit the camera moves and create transitions between different shots.

Thanks to our sound recording tools you can record scratch dialog and even sound effects with any microphone attached to your computer. The recorded audio can be edited with the timeline tools!


Story export

Thanks to our Story Export feature there is no need to learn additional software to distribute interactive VR content. Just hit the "Export Story" button in AnimVR and we package up your stage into an executable that you can freely share with your audience.

The executables even work on non-VR machines!



We know that not all tasks during a production are well suited for VR. That is why we make sure that you can use AnimVR as much or as little as you want by providing comprehensive import and export options. 


Import Formats

We support pretty much any standard 3D exchange format you could think of! FBX, OBJ, GLTF, Pixar's USD and many more!

Not only that, but we also provide an API that lets you write custom importers and exporters


Content Creation Tools

You can export your stages to the industry standard Alembic Cache format. This allows you to use the animations you create in any commonly used content creation tool. We explicitly support Maya, Blender and Houdini. If your favorite tool is not supported, let us know!


SEAMLESS Unity Integration

Our Unity Toolkit lets you load any AnimVR stage file directly in Unity! No export is needed. We use the new Timeline API to make sure that you can use AnimVR stages exactly like any other object in Unity. In the end it's just meshes and GameObjects!