Thriller Dance - Joe Daniels

This was animated, shot, and edited entirely in VR with tools like AnimVR and Oculus Medium. You can see how it was made, and learn the techniques for creating your own hand-drawn animation in VR by buying Joe's tutorial here:

Hope's Blade - Joe Daniels

Hope's Blade is a piece Joe made in October of 2017 for a presentation he gave at DreamWorks Animation, called VR for Storytellers. You can read more here:

in the mirror, dimly - Theodore Ushev

The mixed reality installation "In the Mirror, Dimly" is a site specific project of Theodore Ushev, combining elements of Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality devices, video animation art, paintings on huge thermal emergency blankets "Myler" and in site drawings with invisible ink, viewed only with the help of UV lighting.

Escape - Nick Ladd

A short film made entirely in VR in 3 days. Nick used Quill and AnimVR for creating the environments and animating respectively.
In AnimVR he used the timeline and camera features to find and lay out shots quickly.

Deck Hustle - Nick Ladd

Nick and his brother made a game in Unity, using assets created in AnimVR and Quill.

You can download the game here:…