The Basics

Transforming Stage, Layers & Frames

Animating Cameras & editing shots in the Timeline

Third Party Courses


This was animated, shot, and edited entirely in VR with tools like AnimVR and Oculus Medium. You can see how it was made, and learn the techniques for creating your own hand-drawn animation in VR by buying Joe's tutorial.

Workshops and Training Days

VR Development Lab - ANOMALIA

VR lab is aimed at animation artists to experience developing their own look and style for VR in collaboration with an industry veteran. The lab aims to help participants acquire skills and experience of artistic development as regards storytelling and the design aspect of works. The knowledge and experience acquired can also prove useful in classic 3D animated film.

Creation and training workshop - NFB

The National Film Board of Canada’s Animation Studios are pleased to welcome Milan Grajetzki and Dario Seyb, designers of the program ANIMVR, for a creation and training workshop.

The workshop consists of a presentation, live demo and individual 90 minute demos. We will show the participants how to use the results of their work in their favorite digital content creation tool.

Do you want to organize a workshop on VR animation or train your employees?